24th July 2015


Yorkshire born lives in Leeds and is a student nurse at Leeds Hospital. She started pulling out her thick, straight dark hair when she was eleven.

Theresa cannot recall what triggered her impulse to pull. She has an excellent relationship with her parents, and she did well at school and was not bullied. Outwardly there was no deep reason for her to self-harm but she says she “loved the feeling of release” that the serotonin rush of TTM brings from her very first pull.

Before she knew it, the damage to Theresa’s natural hairbase was very visible, but thankfully her parents and classmates were always supportive and Theresa never felt singled out for negative treatment at school or socially.

t was Theresa’s mother, who first heard about the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy fifteen years ago, having watched a breakfast TV interview with Lucinda soon after Theresa’s TTM manifested. The family travelled from their home near Barnsley to London for a consultation but Lucinda advised them that Theresa was still too young to commit to a full Intralace System™. Instead she recommended hypnotherapy and other cognitive methods of combating TTM.

When she was twenty, nine years after that initial visit, Theresa was ready for her first Intralace System™. Soon after it was fitted all her hair had grown back, however, by the time she was twenty-five Theresa had a relapse and had pulled her hair out again. She decided to have the Intralace System refitted to help prevent the pulling but a few months later her hair had recovered once again and she now has a beautiful head of hair and no longer needs to use the services provided at Lucinda Ellery.

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